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Dancefestopia is a home of happiness, love and celebration – an escape from life’s pain, stresses and uncertainties. We carve-out our own beautiful place on earth to laugh, love and dance with friends in the beautiful September air. 

For the last four months, we’ve navigated the rollercoaster of information and emotional ups and downs of this terrible pandemic. Guided by experts in public health and safety, we chose to keep moving forward in hopes the situation would improve. Unfortunately, this incredible escape from life’s pain, stresses and uncertainties is not possible in an environment where those pains are carried by those who seek to avoid it. With devastation in our hearts, we are sad to say Dancefestopia 2020 must be postponed to September 9-12, 2021.  

“A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.” -The Wizard

Dancefestopia 2020 was going to be one for the books. We invested a significant amount of resources in an improved forest camping experience, dramatically enhanced production and a renewed emphasis on the smallest of details- all for YOU. These investments are not lost, in fact, they will be amplified by an additional year’s worth of time to even further improve your experience. Our return to the Emerald City in 2021 will be incredible. Please find the happiness in your hearts and join us for what will be the best Dancefestopia ever, #DFT2021.

All DFT 2020 tickets will automatically roll-over to DFT 2021; you don’t need to do anything.  Plus, by keeping your ticket you will also become a valued member of our DFT Loyalty Program and you are going to receive some incredible rewards and benefits. We understand that some #DFT2020 ticket holders unfortunately may not be able to make it in 2021. As such, refunds will be made available beginning on July 23rd and will continue through August 13th. The DFT Loyalty Program details, along with the procedure for obtaining a refund, will be emailed to all ticket holders on Monday, July 27. We do hope you will stick with us and continue to be part of our DFT Fam!

We truly love you and are sending virtual hugs to you all. We tried our best to make it happen this year for you. Thank you everyone for your continued support and we will be back even stronger in 2021.

- The Dancefestopia Team

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State and County guidance enables a #FULLSEND to Dancefestopia 2020. The situation could change; however, as of yesterday, county and state officials approved Dancefestopia 2020. We will continue to work with health and government officials to establish a safe DFT 2020.

In March, we established a 'DFT Ticket Promise' and want to share this again with you ( We appreciate you valuing the incredible experience that is Dancefestopia and can't wait to see you in September for one of the most magical experiences of our lives.

Dancefestopia Music Festival is thrilled to announce phase III of the #DFT2020 lineup featuring some of the best up and coming artists from across the United States! 💚 Tickets are on sale now and learn about our 'Ticket Promise' at