Imagine a Dancefestopia where there isn’t a separation of Forest and Field camping. We are all one, together in the manicured Forest – glowing magically under the twinkling trail lights.  

Imagine DFT nestled in rolling hills surrounded by thousands of acres of forest and pristine lake water – bound together tightly with the incredible vibes you’ve come to Love about Dancefest.  

Imagine an Emerald City that is built with the conveniences of running water, electricity, camping cabins, a swimming pool, and stunning views.

Dancefestopians… we have an amazing home.


Lollipop Stage
Pyromid Mountain Stage

Dancefestopia is a home of happiness, love and celebration – an escape from life’s pain, stresses, and uncertainties. We carve out our own beautiful place on earth and laugh, love, and dance with friends for four nights in the beautiful September air.

In 2019, we invite you to experience ‘Emerald City’, an incredibly magical home where the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

Located just South of Kansas City, we considered every piece of feedback about what you appreciated and yearned for at DFT.  The conveniences, amenities, activities, and stunning vibes are truly special. We can’t wait for you to experience it.


THURSDAY, Sept. 5th – Dancefestopia will begin allowing Thursday Night campers at 4:00 PM (2:00 PM for early entry). Camping gates will close at 11:00 PM – no access after 11:00 PM and we will be unable to exchange any tickets for bands after 11:00 PM. Non Campers gates will open at 5 PM (3:00 PM for early entry) – no access after 11:00 PM and we will be unable to exchange any tickets for bands after 11:00 PM. Parking per vehicle is $35 cash at time of entrance for the entire 5 days – with unlimited ‘in and outs’


FRIDAY, Sept. 6th – Dancefestopia will begin allowing festival goers into the venue on Friday, Sept. 9th at 11:00 AM (for early entry only), 1:00 PM for general campers and 3:00 PM for Non-Campers (1pm early entry). Parking per vehicle is $35 cash at time of entrance for the entire weekend – with unlimited ‘in and outs’.


SATURDAY, Sept. 7th – Gates Open at 11:00 AM. Parking per vehicle is $35 cash at time of entrance for the remainder of the weekend – with unlimited ‘in and outs’.

SUNDAY, Sept 8th – Gates Open at 12:00 PM. Parking per vehicle is $35 cash at time of entrance with unlimited ‘in and outs’.

All vehicles and persons must exit the venue by Monday, Sept. 10th at 12:00PM.



Dancefestopia offers a phenomenal bird's eye view of the party going on below in a hot air balloon ride to inflate the imagination or glide through the air on the Flying Monkey zip line or take your body to unimaginable heights on the rock climbing wall.  If you’re interested in another mode of fun, float around the Emerald Pond in a canoe, or partake in the wicked pool parties. 

  • Rock Wall

  • Zip Line

  • Fishing

  • Canoeing

  • Pool Party

  • Hot Air Balloon


The ReKinective Experience aerial / fire / dance show will tickle your eyes and ears as dancers fly through the air, spin fire and perform spectacular acrobatic stunts to the chakra charged music of Daniel Donovan that will make you want to get up & groove too! ~ 


Use The New #DFT2019 App To Meet Your Fellow Dancefestopians!

What makes Dancefestopia so magical isn’t just the music, stages, and art. It’s YOU. That is why we teamed up with Radiate to allow you to get to know your fellow attendees like never before.

From connecting with other Dancefestopians, to receiving updates about special events from us, to even interacting with the artists at the festival — it can all be done on Radiate. You can download the iPhone app here and Android app here.


Dancefestopians! Stay charged up all weekend with unlimited portable phone charging with SWFTCharge! Save $10 when you pre-order it now when you CLICK HERE!! 


Stop by any of their 2 booths (1 in camping, 1 in festival) to pick up a portable battery pack. Anytime it dies, go back and swap it for a new one as many times as you want all weekend! Free refills so you will never die!  


Save $10 when you pre-order it on their website and pick-up at the festival. You can keep the charger at the end of the festival and re-fill it at other festivals.


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7095 W 399th St, Lacygne, KS 66040

Artists subject to change. 》》》 PERFORMERS/ARTISTS/ACTS/PLAYERS SUBJECT TO CHANGE No refund will be owed if any performer, artist, act, player, or any other scheduled performance, person or group is changed or canceled and the event still occurs.


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